Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sony EB18 gorgeous listing

Sony Sony VPCEB18EC inherited consistently excellent work, flashed a shiny brown body scrub, body with sleek curves, full of soft and beauty. Configuration which laptop favorably, carrying Core i5 processor, with a strong HD 5470 discrete graphics,Sony PCGA-BP2S battery has a 500GB hard drive, and comes loaded with Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.

Sony VPCEB18EC notebook with brown appearing, very beautiful. By suspension-type keyboard, interior, separate numeric keypad; with dot-like touch pad, convex surface of granular feel comfortable to maintain,Sony Vgp-bpl4 battery and support multi-touch, with flip, zoom, scroll bars and other functions; Dolby Home Theater with Sony's Motion Reality HD optimization, PMB VAIO Edition new user interface is simple and applied three-step create a video or burning a CD. In addition, the new image quality optimization function can enhance the effect of photo imaging; with battery weighs approximately 2.7 kg.

Configuration, the Sony VPCEB18EC notebook computer carrying i5-430M Intel Core processor; uses ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 discrete graphics with 512MB video memory; Standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive, DVD burner; possesses 15.5 in. LED display, which Purchase 2 million pixel camera,Sony Vgp-bps9/S battery preloaded with Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sony laptop a new strategy to walk on two legs into two

Media reports, Sony will set up a "VAIO notebook 2", the Ministry acquainted the design and manufacture of notebook computers by other manufacturers to complete part.

In an consultation with foreign media interview, a Sony VAIO Ryosuke Akahane, vice president of business group,Sony PCGA-BP2SCE7 battery said Sony notebook business to practice the "double strategy", into one and two. A business notebook from Sony, all accomplished while the two partners to choose from to complete, including design and production.

However, Ryosuke Akahane said two laptop computers for the pattern and production although not help Sony, will still be Sony's style and quality, remains with the Sony brand and model. Sony VGP-BPL2 battery will allow third-party companies in the design, including a number of features, such as alternative keys, press the center after the restoration of data can help the recovery and salvation.

Ryosuke Akahane stressed that introduction of two new VAIO products will still be the excellent of a product and 2 no difference in quality.

Different parts of the technology,Sony Pcga-bp1n battery will launch in a notebook the first to adopt new technologies, such as the latest processors. After further understanding and application, two laptop computers will use.

When asked whether Sony would mean creating two brands, like the Dell Studio and Inspiron product lines, like when, Ryosuke Akahane firmly answered "no." Ryosuke Akahane said: "We have had internal discussions, but the conclusion is negative,Sony Vgp-bps2b battery to create a new brand is an investment risk, not efficient. For consumers, we want to grow the awareness VAIO to create new brand not a good idea. "

Ryosuke Akahane that the VAIO sales in 2010 could reach 10 million units, more than 680 million units in 2009 to upgrade a lot. Ryosuke Akahane explained: "We need a certain market share, if not, then it will be difficult to survive. But Ryosuke Akahane not consider that the newfound increase in share through acquisitions.

Sony's new strategy, then this contender objective is to whom? Ryosuke Akahane said, compared to Acer, we aim more inclined to HP and Apple, we have a lot of new technologies and new products, we have done a lot of introduction, Sony Pcga-bp71auc battery will continue to meet the challenge. Meanwhile, the network service is very great.

Ryosuke Akahane said network service is based on the PlayStation NetWork network platform, as opposed to XXbox Live is Microsoft's online platform. Ryosuke Akahane said: "We have more than Apple products, such as television and PS, Sony Vgp-bps9/B battery need to do is to achieve interoperability of these products."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Crystal gradual appearance of a unique Sony EA16EC

Recently, the Sony VAIO-to-date positioning fashion consumer groupings E series of notebook products. Sony VAIO E Series will exchange the Sony before the release of the NW and the CS series,Sony PCGA-BP2SCE7 battery and products are bright colors, a variety of colorings to choose from.

This Sony EA16EC inherit in the design of Sony altogether consistent fashion style, fashion and easy to use interpreted the perfect combination of casual ease. As a 14-inch screen with high-definition Sony EA16EC and moving sound quality and convenient features to meet the daily needs of life,Sony Pcga-bp71a battery delicate texture and fine lines for laptop computers and more in your hand sense of presence.

Configuration, the Sony Vgp-bps5 battery using Intel Core i3-330M processor, enhanced multi-threaded shaping and video processing performance. 2GB DDR3 memory to run more stable compared to DDR2 memory. The 320G drive capacity with the DVD recorder can fully meet the storage needs of different consumers. Individual of the ati HD5145 512M discrete graphics memory, so screen real effect is more beautiful, more relaxed media processing, to support mainstream 3D games run smoothly.

Interfaces include a three high-speed USB, eSATA / USB port, HDMI output port, ExpressCard/34 slot, SD memory card slot and so very rich.

VAIO E also provides a blue, green, black and red. And the same as before the CW series renders users with a variety of colors to highlight the user and the VAIO's personality, especially the blue, green and red color that three models and Sony VGP-BPL4A battery compared with the market is the brightest, its unique gradient and the crystal case the user will recognize this is a VAIO.

Easy to use high-performance escort

    As a benchmark of fashion notebook VAIO E Series, its public presentation as excellent. VAIO E Series covers 14,15.5 inch fashion among the younger of two currently most popular size notebook.Sony Vgp-bps9/S battery is still used at present the most popular 16:9 widescreen overpriced Li screen, and carry a full line of Intel Core i3, i5 processor platform and DDR 3 memory, which greatly enhance the speed of the notebook.

    The new generation of ATI HD5000 series of high-performance separated graphics technology by ATI Stream smooth multimedia experience, the second generation of UVD technology allows users to enjoy the latest trends in high-definition large, DirectX 11 provides details of realistic 3D gaming experience, allowing users to experience Hearty game trip, even in the professed design has held up quite well. In addition, convenient features, and entertainment software, high-quality optimization systems and Dolby Home Theater decency,Sony Pcga-bp1n battery to bring you the entertainment experience more comfortable.

VAIO classic floating and sunken keyboard design of human nature the same shaft used in the new E series, the addition, the new design of the floating palm rest at the same time to create three-dimensional beauty, just right wrist may be placed with the keyboard keys the same horizontal plane, so that when you tap the keyboard, Sony VGP-BPS2B battery feel more comfortable. This time, Sony's first notebook series introduced in 15.5 inches with the F series of the same decimal keypad design is more convenient to use.

VAIO E Series to increase the ease of use of the "VAIO button" and "ASIST button." "VAIO button" quick start Media Gallery entertainment platform, "ASIST keys" to quickly start the original Sony VAIO Care program to provide system diagnostics, system restore and backup and difficult doubts and other functions,Sony Pcga-bp2t battery allows users to use the VAIO E more at ease. The eSATA / USB hybrid interface, achieving high-speed high-definition photos and video transmission.

Product customization services, more choices, icing on the cake

    Sony VAIO E Series also offers individualized CTO product customization services. Intel Core i7 processors to provide, various stipulations of Blu-ray accessories. Independence in the choice of ATI HD5650 graphics card based on the Blu-ray high-definition entertainment to enjoy a more pleasant life would be. In order to meet the big screen and the color of the diverse needs, product customization services, 15-inch VAIO EB18EC models also have the option and 14-inch VAIO EA series of the same 5 dazzling colors, more fitting to your preferences.

    With the E series, Sony Vgp-bpl5a battery has sold over the same period a set of colorful accessories: colored keyboard membrane keyboard intimate care of your hosts with the same time and show different colors and effects; can replace the mouse shell interpreting of 8 color experience program, can replace the blossoms, which add more fun.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upload a new platform, 13 inches sony eye-catching new appearance

13.3-inch notebook has been derived as the gold size, mainly because it found a notebook portability and performance of the balance point, but in the previous 13-inch notebook has been very awkward position of performance, in the heat, light hold, and generally carry the entry-level graphics, etc. so that the performance 13-inch laptop appears to make ends meet,Sony PCGA-BP2SA battery is more difficult for consumers to choose a comprehensive range of products suited to their performance. The next-generation Core Duo processors, i series, especially the i3 processor with a high cost, the performance is close to Jodai high-end Core 2 Duo product P8700 level. Power consumption due to an integrated memory controller and graphics cards, so that the entire platform to reduce power consumption of a lot of life is stronger than the recent generation, so that the overall leveraging a new 13-inch leap.
Not only that, a new generation of i3 and i5 include not only the mainstream media, household and other high-end fields are also to lose ground in the business applications, coupled with the introduction of TurboBoost technology, blended with new technologies, so that ultra-thin and ultra-powerful notebook computer has been the most be able to seduce the eye of the two selling points of the perfect carrying the 13-inch notebook, so that small more in line with public needs. Prices, the current "i3 + discrete graphics" configuration model, the price of five thousand is already quite close to the people although the actual situation on the market more than 13-inch models, but from the listing of several of view,Sony Pcga-bp52a battery has been very successful The use of the existing advantages, highlights prominent, continued to expand the 13-inch notebook is not the same as a small territory.
In the history of the strongest 13-inch laptop: Sony vaio Z119
As the 2010 launch of Sony's blockbuster product, Sony vaio Z119 in a previous Z series appear in entirely different image of the consumer front, the promote to the new Core Duo platform, the Sony for this product with a sets the current top rated notebook hardware solution, aside i7 620M Core processor, 8GB memory, do not say, just 512GB of SSD solid state disk RAID is enough to attract a lot of notebook hard drive has been troubled by the bottleneck of the user, the aircraft up to 29999 the price of yuan for the general public is certainly not acceptable and more suitable for demanding corporate executives, but claims to present the most top-level configuration appears to have led the 13-inch laptop into a more powerful stage.
Appearance, texture matte black roof is made from magnesium alloy, aluminum palmrest and partly; a unique hinge design of the establishment of a strong visual contrast, greatly enhance the products grade, Sony Z119 with 13.1 inches LED-backlit widescreen , top of the screen has also built a 300,000-pixel camera; because of their size advantage and material advantage, so the weight of machine with the Sony Vgp-bps2 battery has reached the stunning 1.4 kilograms, very light and portable.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

15-inch top-level audio-visual notebook of this SONY FZ18

   SONY VGN-FZ18 laptop on the marketplace in July 2007 for domestic use. Aesthetics, SONY VGN-FZ18 has a 15.4-inch display screen, 1280 × 800 standard resolution, silver body with black keyboard, quality personality,Sony PCGA-BP1N battery appearance attractive.

    Configuration,Sony Pcga-bpz52 battery using Core 2 Duo T7500 processor, Intel PM965 chipset, 4MB secondary cache, 2200MHz nominal frequency, 800MHz system bus frequency, built-in 1G memory, and the maximum support 2G of memory, 160G hard drive storage, the discrete GPU (graphics chips for the NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT), there is nonrecreational Sony Sound Reality audio chip, stereo speakers.

    Interface connection, with three USB 2.0 interface, headphone audio output, microphone input, multi-media card reader and so on, these devices sufficient to meet the needs of users, built-in 10/100M, Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n,Sony Vgp-bps2a battery using VGP-BPS8 lithium battery, working time is about 2.5 hours.

    In general, SONY series of notebook computers of their workmanship and performance are quite good, very attractive exterior design eye, and its robust feature set to satisfy the needs of users, especially for home theater users to But that is the best choice.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fashion accompanied by Sony CW26

With the decreasing threshold notebook prices, consumer demand for notebook and understanding more and more,Sony PCGA-BP3T battery designed to highlight fashion and individuality, while the functioning but also outstanding, but for the price is very concerned.

Sony CW26EC classic pure black coming into court of the design, cap printed with HP Imprint process gives people a sense of style in with a restrained, save a Sony notebook the appearance of fine fashion style. The screen, Sony CW26EC uses a 14-inch (16:9) high-resolution LED-backlit LCD screen,Sony Vgp-bpl4 battery can offer a more bright and vivid color screen to restore the degree.

Configuration, using the new Core Duo processor, i3-330M, with speeds up to 2.13G,Sony Vgp-bps1 battery is the 2G standard memory and 320G hard drive, graphics cards using the NVIDIA GeForce GT310M alone significantly, with 256M DDR3 dedicated graphics memory. Notebook Computers pre-installed is Windows 7 Home basic simplified Chinese version of the operating system.

Interface connection, the aircraft, admitting HDMI interface, 1394 interface, VGA port, USB port, card reader and so on, any standard laptop to find the interface can be found here. CD-ROM uses a DVD burner double-layer support, the screen above the built-in camera, wireless connection to support 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth.

Friday, March 12, 2010

11-inch ultra-thin and light notebook Sony TT45G / B

SONY VGN-TT45G / B thin the appearing of fine fashion, style,Sony Pcga-bp2nx battery unique design. Has a 11-inch thin body, machine weight 1.28kg, excellent portability, desirable for business people who frequently go shopping. Configuration using SU9400 dual-core processor, 2G RAM and 250G hard drive standard.

SONY VGN-TT45G / B all-black body and elegant outline, rounded lines,Sony Vgp-bpl5a battery creating a unique temperament, silver VAIO logo carved in the black roof central, each other, they bring out the VAIO's unique charm and extraordinary course. The machine uses 11.1-inch LED-backlit WXGA display with a resolution of 1366x768, displays light colors and floating keyboard, cylindrical shaft.

Configuration aspects: Sony VGN-TT45G / B with Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 processor (1.4GHz / 800MHz FSB / 3M L2), Intel GM45 chipset, integrated Intel GMA 4500MHD high-performance graphics, 2G DDR3 memory, 250G hard drive, pre - Windows 7 Professional functioning system.

Interface: the Sony VGN-TT45G / B has 2 USB2.0 interface, 1x HDMI high-definition interface, 1x IEEE1394, 1x VGA, 1x RJ-45, 1 Ge ExpressCard slot, headphone / microphone jack, multi-in-one card reader devices, power jack, 10M/100M/1000M adaptive Ethernet cards and IEEE802.11 b / g / n wireless network card. Built-in DVD burner, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and 30-megapixel camera. The official nominal life time by 3.5 hours.

SONY VGN-TT45G / B design of a fashion, constellation using dual-core processor, equipped with high-performance graphics card, with 2G of memory makes the machine well-balanced performance. The machine weighs just 1.48kg in weight,Sony VGP-BPS4A battery is very suitable for business buyers.